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A Reunion

It's been quite a long time, hasn't it? I've missed you.  I realize that I've been completely silent for the past year and a half, but my life was changing much faster than I could process.  After graduating college, I started to follow an invisible checklist of items that I thought made me a "successful adult." I got an apartment and started to live by myself. I started a big girl job almost immediately after graduation. I reduced the number of times I went to therapy. I was navigating a dating relationship with my best friend. Basically, I strived to be a professional 21-year-old who had it all figured out. I thought this version of success would bring me joy because logically, these were all great things that were happening in my life. But in the midst of my job where I was constantly proving my capability, bringing new ideas to the table, and finding ways to overachieve, I lost sight of two things that were once really important to me: my love for dance/ar

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