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My College Experience at NYU

 " I can't tell you exactly what day things changed, and it wasn't necessarily an exact moment either. It was more like when you wake up one day and realize that you're gonna be okay." I wrote this after my first week of college.   I remember the sleepless nights I had the days leading up to my first day and how I would thoroughly play out different scenarios in my head. My first class, the first piece I would create, my first relationship, living in the dorms, working with choreographers, tests, getting lost on the subway-- everything was new and the possibilities felt endless. I thought I had worked out every possibility for all these situations, but I never imagined that half of my college experience would be during a pandemic, let alone that I would graduate into one. But what's funny is now, I can't imagine my college experience without COVID's influence and the effects that it caused.  Long story short(and I hope you read the long version of cour

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